When it comes to companies who make their own website, there is usually two goals – marketing and connection. Companies ho make websites are usually offering products or services to consumers. As the internet is a good media to start spreading information, they are utilizing the website to increase sales and profits. If a lot of people know what you can give them, then there will surely be an increase in profits. Also, they use advanced technology to make their website more interesting and more interactive for increased participation of users. Another reason is a connection. People who use computers are not exactly ready to barge in on physical stores. It is better to have ways to connect to them through the internet. Most people are busy with their own circumstances and it is a good strategy to let them know that you can connect with them in just a click of the mouse. You can provide information on ways to contact appropriate personnel when it comes to queries, suggestions, opinions, and other communication notions. So, you should never write false information on your contact us page. Make sure that you are updating the information whenever there are changes on ways to contact you.

Why It Is A Bad Idea, Generally
You can lose customers if you keep on supplying false information. If they have no way of contacting you in a legit way, then they can be frustrated – enough to not avail your products or services.

  • You can miss chances of suggestions that can come from willing customers. Customers are usually the ones who know how to improve reception well. So, it is a good move to listen to them by offering e-mail address as a receiving address.

Provide Different Modes
You should provide different modes of communication on contact us page to cater to different people. It may be a cell phone number, telephone number, or an email address.