30 Aug / 2017

It’s Easy To Recover A Ubee Router Password

It is imperative that when you set-up an ubee router password you make it as complicated as possible so that no one would be able to figure it out easily. However, there are instances that because of how complicated the password has been, the owner could forget the characters that they used especially when they made sure to mix lower and upper case, as well as special characters in their password.

How to Recover A Router Password
If ever you encounter an instance wherein you have entirely forgotten your password then you will need to do the following steps:

  1. While your router is still turned on, press the reset button for good 30 seconds.
  2. Without taking your hand from the reset button unplug the router and continue holding it for another 30 seconds.
  3. Do not stop holding the reset button while plugging it back again and lastly, hold it for 30 seconds.

Once the reset process becomes successful, it will go back to the ubee router password. If you have forgotten what the default password was, you can browse the internet for the list of passwords for your modem type since they are usually provided there.

When you figured out the default password, directly change it to another one to avoid other people from accessing it. However, for this one, jot down the password that you are going to use and keep it in a place that only you would know so that if ever you forget it, you can look at it from time to time just to refresh your memory. This would also save you from the hassle of going over and over again on the how to recover the router password. To add, you can also save yourself from inputting the password on your visitor’s phone.